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Designer of Shelves
Shelves with invisible connection

It has always been a dream of each furnisher to build furniture with an invisible connection together, which is so firm, as a glued of furniture. It particularly applies to shelves, which are open in front and mechanical connection parts disturb the appearance.

I looked and tried in many years for a solution. At last I found one which is very simple. It has been announced to the patent. The effect is great, knock together and ready, like bolts firmly, none unsteadiness. It is divided easily again. And nothing is visible by the connection.

Regal Modell 1D

Regal Modell 2

Regal Modell 3

Regal Modell 3b

Regal Modell 3v

Regal Modell 1v

Regal Modell s

Regal Modell Stufe

Regal Modell Turm

Regal Modell Lade

Which can be ordered?

Each shelf is worked on and manufactured as individual order.
There are no defaults on our part.
The orderer determines, how its shelf is to look.
We work on your draft and send you an estimate with a sketch like above.
The shelf can contain adjustable specialized shelves with sets of holes.
Shelves from melaminveneer sheets: white, color, wood colors, metallic paint.
Materialthickness:19 and 25 mm. Prefer 25 mm.

Shelves from MDF plates color paints: 25, 28, 32 and 40 mm.

Shelves from massif wood: starting from 18 mm in all kinds of usable wood.

Shelves from chip board veneered starting from 25 mm.

Likewise shelves from plywood and panel plates can be manufactured.

All shelves from wood can be delivered for selffinishing, as well as paint finished.
With full-packed book cases must the material, the thickness and the distances of the upright parts to be particularly considered.

Doors, rear walls, drawers, wood feet, metal feet, etc.

Please, send me a sketch or a description by mail or fax of your desired shelf.
You will receive a model sketch from me like above, with an estimate.

Shipment on a one-way pallet by railway.

Much fun when planning your shelves wishes,
Franz Poesniker!