Franz Poesniker, Carpenter and Wood-Lattice Factory,
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Very honoured visitor,
on this site you find a large assortment Wood-lattices for all ranges of living and business life. To my customers belong private do-it-yourself enthusiasts, carpenters, planners and architects. We produce Wood-lattices for cabinet-doors, partitions, garden and terrace organization, ventilation and decoration. Particularly I would like to refer you to some of our Special Wood-lattices, like our curved Wood-lattices, pointed joint Wood-lattices with simple forms up to the eastern star sample, as well as the Wood-lattice in eight-hitting a corner form. These special Wood-lattices were created, and the necessary production method for it was developed by us. They find it only with us. You can get all Wood-lattices in all usual wood, in the RWS haven measure or exactly cut, if necessary also pickled and paint. We directed special attention toward the quality of our Wood-lattices. Only first-class wood is used. With diagonal Wood-lattices we pay attention to beautifully running out roundnesses, so that they look not only good, but feel also well. Sharp tools, fine cross section and clean glueing with water resistant and heat resistant glue are natural with us. We supply our Wood-lattices depending upon desire with or without frameworks. For Wood-lattices exposed to the weather, we have special frameworks developed. No slots or 'waterholes', which can fill with water or dust. The durability increases enormously and is expanded with appropriate care to decades. We use the same technology in the internal area for the purpose of the hygiene in the catering trade. They can order by Mail, fax or telephone. If you ever should be uncertain with the selection of your Wood-lattice, I will gladly advise you and wish you much fun and success when using our Wood-lattices,
Franz Poesniker!

Some Application possibilities.

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All samples were manufactured in our workshop.

My company works in two groups. The first group is specialized only in wood lattices. The second group consists of first-class trained carpenters. Here Corian will become converted to topproducts and interieurs after measure manufactured. A modern technical equipment with aid of computers is to both departments at the disposal. It not only makes it possible the carpenter everyday life to master, but also "moved" ideas into the act to convert. High technical can do, paired with hand talent products out as for example the pointed joint Wood-lattices and the curved Wood-lattice brought. In addition, on the furniture sector some was created. We produce designer furniture for a renown furniture business of the Viennese city center. Everything in individual manufacture under exclusion any splinter -, fiber or MDF plates. 'Handgezinkte' drawers, blockable doors, intarsien, formed surfaces in nature or black high polish, are the brand names of Marlowe the well-known Designer. If they however look for inexpensive carpenter quality, is it in kitchen, bath, garden or living range, we can with practical, own ideas serve here also. Planning in 3D gives our customers secure ordering.