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Heating unit guards

are by us in the own enterprise after measure since more than 20 years manufactured for the fullest satisfaction of our customers. The frameworks can be opened unfold and notices. The closed-in units are assembled and are divided supplied with furniture link. With narrow closed-in units are frameworks, plate and sides from massif wood. With broad closed-in units the sides are "furniert". In addition, the edges are according to standard rounded off, can be formed differently. Wood, pickling clay/tone, gloss degree of the lacquer is freely selectable. Likewise we supply to all RAL colours.

The closed-in units are in such a way designed that no accumulation of heat develops. Heating air is distributed by an accelerated thermionics well in the area. The plattengitter, which is evenly into the plate trained, becomes only lukewarm by rapid flowing through of heating air. The even plate becomes very estimated from housewives and offers the possibility of turning off articles; in the summer e.g. house plants.

A sketch by hand with measure data, wood-, color and sort of lattice is good for a noncommittal offer.

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All built-in heating units were manufactured in our workshop