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What is CORIAN?

" CORIAN is hard and substantial, but according to your desires ductile a fascinating material. Its ductility permits the most varied creations, for a daily new sense joy "

CORIAN ensures aesthetics and elegance with a body-friendly touch. Pictures

CORIAN was developed 30 years ago by DuPont and consists of a mixture of natural materials and pure acrylate resin. This solid, extremely hard-wearing material can be formed practically in any form.

The surfaces feel pleasantly and retain its elegance and smoothness for a very long time. The surfaces are nonporous and indicate a high density. They are hygenically and easy to maintain.

A large selection of natural stone-like samples and colours is available and is thereby very well combinable with many other materials.

Whether in the hotel or at the airport, in the restaurant or at the counter, kitchen or bathroom, the exceptional characteristics of CORIAN makes it excellent to use.

We saw, bend and mill CORIAN into each desired form, whereby necessary bonding slits are nearly invisible.